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The Rite of Nature

Très belle exposition virtuelle, merci à la Pinelo Art Gallery.

Linda BACHAMMAR “The Rite of Nature”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, August 2020

Biography: “The trees hear the breath of the wind and make him travel in the hearts of men.” Linda Bachammar is a French painter and designer with national and international visibility (France, Usa, Italy). Her work is mainly focused on a poetry of existence, drawing inspiration from nature, travel or meditation. Linda Bachammar installs sweet and strange reveries in her works. She expresses with intense colors all her energy and her breath of life. The artist seeks to create a poetry of links between humans and nature, dreams and reality, the human race and spirituality.

Statement: By working empirically, links have formed in my painting between the different worlds that I perceive as a human, on this Earth. When I speak of the world, I identify them as complex entities that manage and coexist. More concretely, it can be echo-systems (plant, human, animal), time (past, present, future), space-time (material and spiritual, real or imaginary). I am very inspired by anything that brings us to contemplative, meditative or altered states of consciousness. I think that nature is a universal vector towards these states. I've always had the habit of walking in search of landscapes or small details that will hold my attention. These ballads are active meditations where my gaze falls on the world and where I will unconsciously be attracted by a breath of wind, a branch, a garden. It is this memory, this emotion that I then try to transcribe in my works to share my feelings with the viewer.

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